Our mission is to deliver standard and qualitative education to pupils and students for the maximum benefit of parents, guardians and the nation.

To equip the Nigerian children with functional knowledge and skills with which to solve the multi-dimensional problems of the country and to make them useful to themselves and the society.

Brilliant Academy was born September 2000. The taught came to the Proprietress of this school after many years of the parents pleading for her to open a secondary school to enable their children confine their education.

There is the need to embrace up to the Challenges in the education sector of this country. It is obvious that for quite sometime now, the standard of Education has been a subject of severe Criticism, opinions differ on this issue. Some are of the view, though critical that the standard of education has seriously fallen beyond conceivable depth. But a negligible few are given the idea that the standard has not declined but the base of education is expanding and becoming more embracing. It was base on this last reason that Mrs. Oparah the proprietress of this school looked at the profession to be a call so for that purpose, our proprietress is determined to help up lift Secondary living of our educational system...more

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